“In programming, simplicity and clarity are not a dispensable luxury, but a crucial matter that decides between success and failure.” - E. Dijkstra


RuleBook provides a simple, but powerful and flexible rules abstraction that has an incredibly short learning curve. With RuleBook, there’s no guesswork or unpredictable behavior, which means developers can spend more time creating useful functionality. And unlike many other rules engines, RuleBook can be used to drive workflows, where the ordering of rules is important. So, start simplifying your life and streamlining your code. Start using RuleBook today!

The Terraform Maven Plugin

The Terraform Maven Plugin brings Maven to Terraform, which greatly enhances Terraform’s project lifecycle and dependency management capability. Maven, in some form, has been the standard for Java project management for over a decade. Now, all of that Maven goodness can be used with Terraform!

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Making Terraform Testing Groovy
If you want to shift left with your testing and empower your developers with quick feedback then take a look Groovy test automation with Terraform!